Happy Birthday, Bemma-Boo!

Miss Emma turned three yesterday!

Chef Jeff always wanted to take Miss Fiona to Panera for soup in a bread bowl when she was with us, but he never got the chance. Thinking that life is too short to miss an opportunity, he was determined to treat Emma this year, so we took a little time off from chores and away we went.

Note Chef Jeff’s shirt…

Emma eyeing her soup and bread bowl (Chef Jeff ate most of it.)

Drooling isn’t very ladylike, Emma!

Afterwards, we took Emma to the pet store, where she carefully sniffed everything, finally picked out her own treat, and proudly carried it up to the checkout on her own. Everyone who saw her in the store got a good chuckle.


“This is the BEST birthday EVER!”



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7 responses to “Happy Birthday, Bemma-Boo!

  1. Nannette

    Happiest of Birthdays Miss Emma!

  2. Pamela

    Happy Birthday Emma. Pip sends you a woof and a kiss.

  3. mlanezoo

    Happy Belated Birthday Emma! May you have many more as yummy as this one!!

  4. Dawn Dutton

    Now that's how we should all celebrate our birthdays! Maybe get our own bowl of soup however>??>?>?
    Thanks for sharing this event with us! Can I come live with u? Ha! Dawn

  5. Laura

    That’s too cute! OMG.

  6. Denise in Kent, WA

    Happy birthday, Emma! Looks like a fun time.

  7. cyndy

    Loved the photos!

    Happy belated birthday, puppy!

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