A Good Week Of Surprises

It was a week of surprising weather (warm days followed by snow showers and high winds), and surprises in my mailbox.

Beautiful handmade potholders arrived from Professor Nannette, and Miss Kary sent an original painting of an owl (a favorite animal of mine) by Brenda Webster-Drouin. Thanks, guys!

I’d placed an order with The Loopy Ewe, a favorite shop for sock knitting needs. This is what I’d ordered:

And THIS is what I received!

Turns out I am now an official Loopy Groupie. The gifts they sent were more than what I’d ordered to begin with; what you don’t see is the chocolate which I promptly ate. Thank you, Sheri!

I became a convert after I received my first order with TLY and I realized what all the high praise was about. They have excellent customer service, and usually include a handwritten thank-you and little treats with my orders… which are becoming more frequent, I have to admit; I love the “instant gratification” of their fast shipping!

I also received the new “Whimsical Little Knits” book by Ysolda in Scotland, as well as two skeins of Fearless Fibers yarn. One of these is destined to become these (Ravelry link). I have been waiting on pins and needles for that KnitSpot pattern to be published and am jazzed to cast on for these beautiful socks.

All in all, a very good week indeed.

Around The Farm

Frieda The Just gave us 1.4 ounces of beautiful cashmere at the end of March. Not bad for a mostly-Boer goat with a strong resemblance to George Washington.

I planted peas and broccoli rabe outside; started Tigerella and Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes, and serrano and jalapeno peppers, inside.

Other than that, it’s business as usual here on the farm. Lots of playful activity inside when the puppy playpen is too muddy from changeable spring weather:

It looks like Champ, our new riding donkey, will not be arriving this weekend as planned. Hopefully he’ll be home in the next couple of weeks.

Have a beautiful weekend!



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6 responses to “A Good Week Of Surprises

  1. BClark

    Hello Stasia,So nice to meet you and thank you for the nice comment you left. So I had to come and check out your blog and see what you are up too. Wow, 20 acres and I think 6 is a lot. I love all that you are doing and will definetly be back to visit. I might ask one question, we will be building a hen house and I want some suggestions for the types of chickens to purchase. Any help would be so appreciated.Again, nice meeting you!

  2. Carol.............

    That donkey is just absolutely wonderful! I’d love to have him on our mini-ranch!

  3. BClark

    Hi thank you for your visit. I purchased our clawfoot tub and it is still sitting in the garage. You could buy another foot for it. Can you put some shims under the tub to level it? Ours needs to be refinished, found out how to do that on This Old House. Hopefully hubby will get that done when weather warms.I did not realize donkeys got that large. I have heard of riding Mules and of course there is the image of the Mexicans or Padres riding small donkeys. One learns new things every day.As to chickens, I just want eggs for the time being. Not sure I could face eating something I had raised,lol. About all I know is that I believe Rhode Island reds give good eggs, also there is the kind that gives the Easter eggs. So any spare info you have would be welcome. Thank you bunches

  4. Laura

    Those puppies are adorable! Eek, the teeth on those guys. I’m definitely leaving the knitting to other people, but it looks great!Happy Springtime to you,Laura

  5. BClark

    I am sitting here listening to the sound of dogs knawing bones,lol. Never a dull moment. Just wanted to stop by and say HI.

  6. BClark

    Hi Stasia,
    I believe Beck’s is a partner of Spring Hill as I get their flyers in my orders. Good for you, we all need pretty flowers in our lives, especially in the Spring. Something to give our hearts a lift. Did the donkey arrive? Enjoy Earth Day.

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