January 13, 9:45 a.m.

Click for big. That’s F, and it is not wind chill.

Chef Jeff put extra bales of straw in the goats’ barn yesterday, and the chickens are locked in their coop with the geese and ducks for extra warmth. There are also heat lamps in both areas. But I’m seriously wondering if the donkeys need coats…



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5 responses to “January 13, 9:45 a.m.

  1. Denise in Kent, WA

    Brrrr! Look at the bright side –at least you're not in International Falls. ;-DSeems to me that the donkeys with their fluffy winter undercoats are in a better position to endure the cold than chickens & geese. I bet <>they’re<> huddled up as close to the heat lamp as they can get!

  2. Nannette

    Oh BRRRRRR! I think the snot in my nose froze just thinking about those temps! (to be honest, I sorta miss that nose freezing feeling … SORTA)

  3. Nancy

    Holy Smokes! I’m sending warm vibes your way. Also, I might have to stop complaining about our upper 30s low 40s and fog here in Oregon. Hope you warm up soon!Nancy

  4. Laura

    Ummm…Have you read The Dogs of Bedlam Farm yet by Jon Katz? Sounds like your weather.I’m warm in San Diego now, but going to the Inauguration on Tuesday with every warm coat my family can round up.Stay huddled together for warmth!

  5. cyndy

    Minus 7 here this AM…burrrrr…(we use deep litter methods in the henhouse, it helps in weather like this…also some breeds with pea combs are less likely to suffer frost bite) Hopefully, the clipper will move out soon…stay warm!

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