Congress Puts Santa Out Of Business… Please Help!

Wow, not to get all wigged out and political on you for two posts in a row, but this just came to my attention and I think it’s very important to us crafters!

Trying to appear as if they are actually doing something to benefit us (after the fact), Congress is now making laws that would put Old Saint Nick right out of business: no handmade toys from artisan toymakers (read: Etsy folks) will be able to be sold (legally) without prohibitive costs to the makers for required testing.

Please go here to read about it in simple terms, and to find an instant, easy link and ready-made letter so that you can contact your representatives.

Honestly, it’s a case of too little, too late… Why on earth are we trading with a Communist country, with horrible human rights policies, anyway? Hint to the U.S. Goverment: they hate us! It’s no wonder they put melamine in our pet food and lead paint on our kids’ toys! How ’bout we spend our dollars in, oh, Sweden, maybe?

I would be utterly remiss if I didn’t tell you about my favorite candles, by AromaNaturals – or that they are having a 25% off sale until December 30th with the code “Wish” entered at checkout.

We’ve been enjoying AromaNaturals candles for many years. They offer a true aromatherapy experience, with natural (not perfume) essential oils. They are a tidge pricey, but with this discount it’s the perfect time to check them out – we think you’ll become addicted, as we are (Chef Jeff will not let me burn any other brand of candles in the house.)

Our favorites are Relaxing (Lavender/Tangerine) and Ambiance (Orange/Lemongrass). They have little “trial” tins of most of the scents, and three special ones available for the holidays: Wish, Evergreen, and Peace (Ruby). I just ordered a new stock for gifts – they would make perfect stocking stuffers for your recipients, too!

I need to light up my Relaxing candle soon… having DH home for three days is already making me bonkers. I keep going from room to room, picking up things he’s left behind (snacks, maps, work papers, notes, glasses). This must be what it feels like to have a toddler. Mothers of small children, you have my sympathy.

Hope you’ll have a great rest of the week. Me? I’ve got some cookie baking to finish… My first attempts at decorated cupcakes reminded me of the Frank Zappa song about the Huskies and the yellow snow…
guess I should have left out the orange flavoring in the frosting (sigh).

Maybe I should have put a little plastic dog and hydrant on there instead of the deer?


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One response to “Congress Puts Santa Out Of Business… Please Help!

  1. Linda M.

    The cupcake is funny in a cute way, yellow snow or not… thanks for sharing.

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