Lovely Gloomy Day

It was a drizzly day, but still unusually warm. I had a wonderful afternoon with Michelle and Dianne (RaveLink). We met at Yellow Dog Knitting and then went across the street to the Acoustic Cafe for soup. Michelle and I also stopped at Dessert First for their famous cupcakes (holey moley!!!)

The gals introduced me to Melissa at the shop (hi, Melissa!) She also keeps sheep. It’s nice to live in a small town where everyone loves wool.

I was thrilled to find that Dixie (RaveLink) had set aside the latest Garnstudio Drops pattern booklet for me. I swear that lady must have ESP – I was on my way in to get it, and found that she’d saved the last copy with my name on it! Now that is service! (They are checking to see if they can get more copies in, as Michelle also wants this issue, so if you’re interested, feel free to give them a call.)

After seeing a sample shawl (RaveLink) that Dixie had knit from the book (#108-47 on the Garnstudio page), I knew I had to make it. Dixie used the Garnstudio Alpaca yarn with a thin thread of soft, silver, sparkly stuff. It gives the impression of beading without the work, and doesn’t alter the feel of the shawl in the least. So I purchased the yarn to shamelessly copy her efforts, as well as a skein of Kureyon sock yarn in greens and purples. I’m always a sucker for the Noro colors, and Cindi (RaveLink) said people are making nice little shawlettes with this, so I had no choice. Ahem.

I meant to take lots of pics but I was having so much fun gabbing that I forgot to take out my camera until I was on the way home and saw this leafless oak in a newly-harvested corn field. Hope that will give you a little taste of this fall day. I also intended to take a pic of my Turtle Turtle cupcake for you, but I ate it as soon as I got home – sorry.

The sun shone for a few moments today but for the most part, we had sprinkles, and then very high winds – I came home to find the lid of our grill blown clear across the yard, and many fallen branches (yay, kindling with no hard work.)

I also saw three redtail hawks gliding over the stubbly corn fields; no hiding places for rabbits, voles, and mice now that the stalks have been cut. And yesterday, I was lucky enough to see nine or ten wild turkeys in the field behind the donkeys’ pasture; if you look closely you may be able to make them out behind Tikki.

The Annie Modesitt Silk Corset has been driving me bananas. Below is yet another attempt – see how far I got this time before I realized I was reading the chart wrong for the wrong side? I simply can’t transpose lace charts when they use a “-” for purl on the right side, and the same symbol for knit on the wrong side – just can’t wrap my brain around it being a symbol for two different stitches, though I completely understand the fabric construction. Doesn’t make for “mindless” knitting (which I crave) at all.

Solution? Do it in the round! I should have listened to my instincts earlier and done it this way from the start.

Now we’re in business. No more chart mistakes.

But I’m thinking the variegated yarn is looking splotchy. I haven’t alternated two balls so far on this piece because I was having enough trouble with the pattern… I’m thinking I’ll start alternating now to break the colors up a bit, but will the splotchiness of this neckline section bug me later on? I wonder if I should put a lifeline in? Then, if it does look wonky later, would I be able to rip this part out, pick up from the top of the next section I’m about to do, and re-knit this part backwards?

I think I think too much.

Yoda thinks I should just have a little more coffee. I think she’s right. Nothing like friends, fiber, and a good cuppa’ Joe on a blustery fall day.



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4 responses to “Lovely Gloomy Day

  1. mlanezoo

    WOW! That photo of Tikki could be a greeting card!! Love your photos. Had such a great time with you today. We need to get together more often!

  2. Anonymous

    It was fun getting to know you and Michele better. Sounds like you had a great day despite the drizzle!Dianne

  3. Patty

    I think Tikki is my new screen saver. What a great picture and what a great day!

  4. Kary

    Aw … Stas!What lovely photos …. that pix of Tikki is beautiful!! WOW!!

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