Help Wanted

No, not a new farmhand – believe me, we couldn’t pay you enough!

What I need is your artistic skill. Ready?

I’ve had these fabrics for months and have avoided cutting them because I simply can’t decide which work together. The prints are actually all from the same maker’s set, but they looked odd together when I received them, so I ordered some solids I thought might work.

Now I’m not so sure.

I have got to get going on this project. Can you please tell me which of these fabrics you think would work together in a quilt? It is going to be either pieced of same-size triangles, or done in a stack-and-whack type design. You can click to embiggen it…

Thank you for your help!

I leave you with a picture of Miss Molly luxuriating on my new merino shawl… before I accidentally fulled it.


Maybe I should just take up latch hooking.

Have a great week!



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8 responses to “Help Wanted

  1. mlanezoo

    Hey Stas!Love the fabrics!! I think that a combination of A, B, C, D and/or E would look great.I’ll be emailing you soon. Got some catching up to do!

  2. Sue-O

    Don’t know how many colors you need but B-E-F OR A-D-G. Each has a light, medium and dark (solid).

  3. Valerie

    If you look at the fabrics as a value scale, you have 3 darks (the solids) and 4 medium value fabrics. The prints are all mid-value range with B being the lightest of those. My other comment about the prints are that they are all similar in scale. My suggestion would be: – pick just one of the solid colors. Put the others away for a possible thin border or binding later. – find one other fabric that is a lighter value than what you have. You could additionally shake things up by making that fabric one that is a different scale than the others: either a large print or a very tiny print (something like little dots or checks). -For that lighter color try looking at a pale aqua, lime green, or (the most obvious) an orange yellow. I think which ever one you pick for that light color will determine which of the solids you keep.I’m not a terribly enthusiastic quilter. For me the fun is all done once the fabrics are picked out. (can you tell?)

  4. Denise

    I agree with Valerie’s assessment of the color values, but I don’t see why you need to limit yourself to only one of the solid colors. Consider “fading” from one solid to another, either in concentric circles radiating from the center, diagonally across the quilt, etc. It would give it a slightly scrappy look, if that aesthetic appeals to you.What a pity your merino shawl got fulled! It is / was so beautiful. Can it still be used for something (other than a pillow for Molly)?

  5. quiltparalegal

    A & C are too close in color.I would drop out A & D.

  6. HaveFaith

    I would omit A and G. But that is, of course, only if the colors show up correctly on my computer.

  7. claudia

    A reason I don’t quilt is that I’ve got no freakin’ idea. Good luck!

  8. Veryl

    I'm not big on G. I don't particularly like the pattern with the other patterns. I think my favorite would be to use just four of them – B, C, E, & F.Hugs,Veryl

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