Alive And Kickin’ (And Picture Heavy)

Been a while, huh?

Just like my knitting and spinning… sigh! What have you been up to?

The snow here has melted.

Spring sprang while I wasn’t looking and summer‘s in full bloom already.

Springtime on a farm is amazingly busy and there hasn’t been a moment to update you all, tho’ I’ve taken tons of pictures. Poor Jeff had the duty of cleaning the deep bedding out of the goat barn after the winter season. He had to borrow this manure spreader from the neighbor, and filled it – by hand, by himself – several times before he was through. Ouch!

Remember Eggbertina?

She grew…

And grew some more, and was introduced to the flock…

And now she’s doing just fine on her own with the other chickens – though she does still think she’s a human child, and tends to follow me around as I do chores or walk the dogs.

I think she looks just like her papa:

The sheep and Angora goats went from being wild and wooly:

…to being much more comfortable.

The fiber is at a local processor this time, and I’m expecting it back in just three short weeks, rather than eight or nine months.

And here is an update on little Elfine!

The little buckling’s name of “Periwinkle” didn’t go over well with Cheff Jeff, and now he is known as “Jack”. Probably a good thing.

Jeff successfully completed his certification at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and is now going to give exams to potential hockey referees throughout Wisconsin. That is, after his second knee surgery later this week. Go, Jeff! Not bad for a guy who didn’t start skating until after we were married (fifteen years ago yesterday!)

And the next post has to do with… donkeys!



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3 responses to “Alive And Kickin’ (And Picture Heavy)

  1. claudia

    Great to see whats going on at the farm!

  2. Kary

    o Stas!I love the photos! Everything looks amazing! Post when you can … we love to see what is going on!

  3. Julie

    Wow – happy anniversary! Yes – I had my first experience at sheering our sheep…and lets just say that I suck at it! I had not one clue as to what should or even could be done with the wool – so this year it went into the garbage. I know you are busy, but can you tell me a bit more about sending it out to be “processed”? I would love to do that next year.

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