Dear God, Part Deux

Dear God,

I apologize for giving you grief about the snow. I realize now that it was not so bad…

What with Friday being full of terrible thunder and lightning…

Chef Jeff being away at the Olympic training center in Colorado (more on that next post – and FREE TIBET!)…

Flower giving birth to her kids without the box stall being ready…

Pansy being secretly pregnant and also giving birth to her kids…

at the same time as Flower…

in the goat barn, which had just been cleaned so which had no bedding on the floor…

while all the other goats had to wait outside in the rain…

until I could find where Chef Jeff had the straw, which was nowhere, as we were out, so I had to find the wood shavings, and cart them down from the Big Barn, in the wagon, in the thunderstorm, wondering if I would be hit by lightning because of the metal cart handle…

and then slap myself in the face three times so I could stop hyperventilating and become coherent enough to grab my embroidery scissors (the only one at hand) and the kitchen twine (don’t tell Cheff Jeff) and the iodine, and take care of the little goatie belly buttons…

and then prepare a separate stall for Flower and her kids, since she wanted to adopt all four kids as her own and wouldn’t let Pansy near her babies…

and then eat an entire box of Godiva truffles in 10 minutes (thank you for making the UPS man arrive with them just in time, even if it was during the births.)

Never mind having the live trap catch four rats in the chicken coop at one time (how on earth is that possible?) and me having to run them down (in the thunderstorm) to the CRP land down the road and let them go free, hopefully never to return, maybe to live out happy rattie lives, or to become a yummy meal for a hawk or owl…

and then arrive inside the house, wet and tired, to be greeted by four very worked-up dogs having to be walked… in the thunder and lightning.

So believe me when I say…

I’ll take the snow. Any day. No joking.

Sorry for the cruddy photos – Chef Jeff had the camera with him and only got home tonight. It was too dark to get a shot of Flower and her kids (buckling Periwinkle and doeling Lily) but here are pics of Flower’s older daughter, Pansy, with her kids (both doelings) Elfine and Daisy May:

Pansy does not have mange; she is still shedding out her winter cashmere… what with all that SNOW we had recently, I don’t blame her for hanging on to it!

And God, thanks for seeing me through all this, all alone. What a weekend. I need to order some more chocolate!



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6 responses to “Dear God, Part Deux

  1. Denise in Kent, WA

    With that many brand new all black kids all at once, I’d have to spray paint numbers on them to tell them apart! LOLThank goodness you were able to improvise and everyone is doing well. Hopefully you won’t get any more curve balls for awhile and will be able to get some much deserved rest. Hugs!

  2. Nannette

    You need some “good stuff” after that. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Vosges<>. I HIGHLY recommend the barcelona bar. Hopefully life on the farm calms down some for you. ENJOY the new kids!

  3. Beth

    That’s more than one person should have to deal with by herself. You definitely deserve a treat.

  4. Patty

    All I have to say is WOW! Wishing you many sunny days ahead!

  5. Julie

    Lucky girl.. we don’t know if our lambs are preggo or not, since the Ram is only a year old. He was ‘trying’ through about the end of there is still some time left.

  6. BumbleVee

    wow…. good for you managing on your own!! what a marathon!

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