Spring, And A Man’s Thoughts Turn To…

More sheep. What else?

Jeff went sheep shopping last weekend and chose four more from the Vinds’ French Creek Hill Farm (no website) closed flock of Jacobs: two four-horned ewes, one two-horned ewe, and an adorable two-horned wether.

Meet Morag, “my” four-horned ewe:

And this is Jeff’s favorite (just shorn), known so far only by her number:

I can’t wait to see the name he chooses for her. We’re out of cheese names, having named the wether Manchego. (There’s a sick joke in there.)

I finished Jeff’s double-thickness, handspun homegrown Jacob hat. Here he is, cheffing some more Indian food, while wearing it (yes, it’s very cold in our house.)

I knit it top-down, and then continued down and down and down, and ended by making another top (think “sock toe”) and then I stuffed that end inside the first end. Like a dubbelmossa. I made it too long to wear without folding up a brim, but when folded, the brim isn’t long enough. Maybe it stretched, because Jeff slept in it. Sigh. Time to tink and do it over.

Every time I make a top-down hat, the end (the part by one’s ears) comes out too loose. Should I go down a needle size for the final ribbing? Decrease? What do you do?

At least I had a few days of pride in my first Farm-Grown Garment.

With some great tug toys (which benefit dog rescue!), Boris and Molly have learned to play together indoors without scrapping. Another puppy milestone, and thank goodness – Molly’s intimidation tactics were giving me heart palpitations. I have never heard a dog make the kinds of noises she makes, and she is loud.

I think these toys worked because the dogs realized they needed one another to play tug if it was to be any fun – with squeaky toys, all they wanted to do was get the item away from each other, and it caused a lot of crabbiness (and had great potential for giving me a stroke.)

Emma continues to impress us with her intelligence and sweetness… not wishing to disturb Yoda‘s sleep (in “Emma’s” chair), Em naps like this:

Were that all the Big in the world were as concerned with the Small… At least here on the farm, they coexist peacefully.

I stayed up late last night, assembling quilt squares. I may have some blocks to show you soon – but they are practice blocks in a fall colorway (I haven’t sewn for a while and didn’t want to mess up my new Lakehouse fabrics!) Happy spring to you.



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9 responses to “Spring, And A Man’s Thoughts Turn To…

  1. Nannette

    Wow – Boris is smiling ear to ear! He found the perfect doggy home even if he did take a rough road to get there. I have no advice on the hat. Maybe try a smaller needle size for the bottom? Maybe try decreasing a few stitches? I don’t know. Have a GREAT day!

  2. Pamela

    Hmm, definitely try a smaller needle size and maybe do a 2×2 rib rather than 1×1?Cheese names? Now you’re asking. Beenleigh? Vinny? Brie?

  3. Patty

    How about another M – Malabrigio?

  4. Kary

    love the hat – maybe felt it a wee bit??LOVE the pup photos!! They are priceless! YAY on the new sheepies too! Heart EWE!!

  5. Sayward

    Aww, Emma is too sweet, not wanting to bother Yoda.

  6. jg

    Boris looks so happy. What a lucky boy he is to have ended up with you guys. 🙂

  7. Snowbird

    The pictures remind me of my growing up years with our four goats! Little sister lost part of her braces in a goat pen. Talk about a needle in a haystack.

  8. Julie

    Yeah – we tried to sheer our sheep this weekend. What a mess. Pictures and short version story are on my blog.

  9. BumbleVee

    I had to come way back to here to find out what you do with the wool…. I was wondering….

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