Crafters Making A Difference

This article appeared in The West River Eagle, the local newspaper in Eagle Butte, SD (please click to read it in a new window):

To get involved, you can join this Yahoo! Group, look here on Ravelry if you’re a member, or visit Kary’s blog.

Way to go, Kary and crafters! I’m so proud to know you guys!



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3 responses to “Crafters Making A Difference

  1. Kary

    Thanks Stas!! I am just SO haPpY to be helping the Cheyenne River Sioux! Thanks so much for putting the article on your BloG!

  2. Claire

    Thanks for the lovely comment, it’s appreciated – I will post more about Ginger soon I promise xMy Mam was full of surprises, I think she liked that!

  3. Ivy

    This looks like a wonderful project and I’ve felt so adrift since the whole thing with Dulaan. Thanks so much for listing this.

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