Knitter’s Tea

Oh what fun! I made a tea just for knitters over at Adagio. It’s called Trico-Thé (get it?) and it’s vanilla-almond-cranberry flavored. Hope you like it!

I also made a yummy one for Valentine’s Day based on my favorite Godiva treats: chocolate-covered raspberry caramels. How sinful can you get? But remember, it’s calorie-free!

I’m going to need pots and pots of tea in the next 48 hours because I will be…




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3 responses to “Knitter’s Tea

  1. Pamela

    There is a sad pun to be made here, pertaining to steeking and steeping, but far be it from me to stoop so low, he he.

  2. cyndy

    You have made my day…Long time reader, never commented…gave you an award..see my blog for details…

  3. fiberjoy

    Hope your steeking was successful!I’m eagerly awaiting the Trico-Thé which should be arriving any day now. The blend sounds scrumptious. 🙂

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