They’re here, they’re here! Aren’t they pretty? Love these new Knit Picks Options Harmony needles!

Between those and my BallyK box set, I plan to be very busy in the coming days.

Before the needles arrived and tempted me with their gorgeous colors and smooth finish, I’d planned to work on a couple of crochet kits. This was thanks to the lovely Dawn, whose incredible group project got me interested in picking up my hooks once more.

And by the way, Dawn, thank you for nominating me a Rockin’ Girlrrl Blogger! I’m honored! I must pass the torch to Claudia and Nanette and Kelley, whose photos, projects, and zest for living always inspire me. They definitely rock!

But the Kim Hargreaves beret and scarf will have to wait a bit, because now I’m contemplating this pattern, using Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes yarn in a mixed purple and gray colorway called Pidgeon Twist.

I tried to do some spinning this week – the first time I’ve had a wheel in operation since adopting the pups (how sad is that – we’ve had Emma for over a year now!)

I’d forgotten, though, what it is to train puppy dogs about spinning wheels.

Of course, being the Doggie Llama, the reincarnation of our incredible whippet, Fiona, Dobie Emma had no problem picking it right up.

She tested the twist to see how the yarn would look plied…

… and carried right on with her drafting.

If Emma can learn to spin, no doubt I should be able to pick up watercolors, hmmm?

I have some super-duper farm news to share… stay tuned!



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2 responses to “Busy-ness!

  1. quiltparalegal

    Waiting with baited breathe….what’s the super duper farm news

  2. Denise in Kent, WA

    Wowsers! That’s a lot of knitting needles. I’ve seen much debate over whether they are “colorful” or “garish” and now that I see them I think they are pretty. Although I mostly use magic loop for socks these days, I’m tempted to get that DPN set. How do you like the points? They look about right, judging from the photo — sharp enough to do a K2tog or SSK but not sharp enough to draw blood. ;D

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