"If You Want A Free Meal…"

“… word on the street is to head down to Tuppinz Farm.

“All ya’ gotta’ do, see, is show up and look cute and hungry. They don’t turn nobody away, see, and the eats is tops. Sure beats lickin’ out a cold tin can down by the railroad tracks…

“Sure, ya’ might hafta’ go to the vet and get vaccines and ‘The Big N’ but it’s worth it, see?

“Three hots and a cot – I’m tellin’ ya’, this is the good life. Spread the word… Tell Mikey and Joe that Max has got his self a piece of the pie.”

Meet Max – the world’s most expensive “free” cat! He’s named after this guy. He showed up and was obviously not feral. Since we’re not served by a humane society, we had no choice but to take him to the vet, run blood tests on him, get him his rabies and other vaccinations, have him neutered, have his worms and ear mites treated, and ensconce him in the breezeway for a two-week quarantine.

I just hope he gets along with other animals and knows how to use a litterbox properly!

The two-color Noro Silk Garden scarf is almost finished. The colors are obnoxiously bright but I had fun watching the interplay of the stripes. It’s been a good pick-up project for a few very busy months.

I achieved “Diva-hood” at Yellow Dog Knitting and have received my cute tote bag and lifetime discount. The best thing about moving has been finding this wonderful LYS! I did sneak out of having my picture taken while wearing a tiara for their blog, though… hope they don’t catch me next time!

Miss Emma has been found to have too many teeth. She must go in tomorrow to have x-rays taken, and possibly have extractions. Good wishes for her would be appreciated! I gave her an extra-big rawhide this morning to tide her over until she can chew again.

My dear friend Kary is having to say goodbye to her longtime canine companion, Motu, tomorrow. Please join me in sending her comforting energy. You can light a candle here if you wish.

Hope you’re having a creative day!



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4 responses to “"If You Want A Free Meal…"

  1. Beth

    Not feral? Gee, how could ya tell? LOL He looks like a love. 🙂

  2. claudia

    The new feline is extra cute. How could you resist?

  3. Pamela

    I was wondering how you came to choose the name Max. Thanks for the link. Your new Max is a real cutie and looks like he has got his paws well and truly under your table.

  4. Dawn

    um, ok, I’m on my way. always up for someone else making dinner.but seriously, do need to make that road trip…particularly if there’s a great LYS on the way.oh, and btw, TAG!

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