It’s A… Goat!

Our Alpine doe, Ingrid, gave birth to twins yesterday – a doeling first, followed by a buckling. We attended the birth and all went great! Mother and kids are doing fantastic.

We purchased Ingrid already bred to a Boer (meat) buck. The breeder will be taking the doeling back for future breeding, but the boy would be destined for market. As I’m not willing to let any goats born on Tuppinz Farm go to be made into “pork chops,” we’re keeping the little guy and will neuter him. His name is Merry, to fit in with Frodo, Sam(son), and Pippin, the other spoiled wethers.

Jeff is still considering purchasing a registered Jacob ram to breed for fiber and meat lambs next year; I’m not opposed to it, but I won’t take part in the process when it is time to decide who will grace the grill!

I started to knit some baby socks with a pattern and yarn from YDK (the best yarn shop in the world, as far as I’m concerned) yesterday, but obviously, life intervened and I have nothing to show you yet. Danger Will Robinson: they have Malabrigo laceweight. One touch and you’re done for.

Our two female pups are scheduled to be spayed on Tuesday, so I’m looking forward to a “free day” to attempt a sewing project from "Simple Sewing" by Lotta Jansdotter. I think even I can tackle the sun hat. Have a wonderful week.



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10 responses to “It’s A… Goat!

  1. Beth

    How is it that I didn’t even know Malabrigo <>made<> a laceweight yarn?Congrats on the happy addition to the family!

  2. quiltparalegal

    I haven’t succumbed to the Malbrigo laceweight yet, but it is very tempting. Perhaps for a nice shawl.The twins are so cute! Congrats.Sue

  3. Stephanie

    Oh – how awesome! I’m glad I get to watch them grow up. You will post lots of pictures for us won’t you?

  4. Vicki Knitorious

    Aw, they so cute. I love how their little tails are waggin’ practically from the minute they’re born. Thanks for the great movie!

  5. The Crafty Weasel

    Oh that is so adorable!! Oh my goodness – now I want a goat too!

  6. Nancy

    Congrats on the new addition! Give a whole new meaning to having Grand”kids”!!! 🙂

  7. jessie

    Cute!How big a deal is it to neuter a goat? Is it like sheep where you can kind of “rubber band” them?

  8. acrylik

    Oh, wonderful news on the new additions!

  9. Robin

    So cute! Love those little tails!

  10. Mia

    I have really enjoyed your video! It is very much the same as lambing. We got our 16th lamb yesterday (we expect and hope to get around 20 all together). We still have four more ewes to lamb.

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